Medical Staffing – Remote Onshore Medics

MRI provides Worldwide Remote Medical Support for Mining and Exploration, Adventurous trips, Bush Expeditions and Hazardous Sports.

Our highly trained medics brave the toughest, most treacherous conditions to ensure the safety of your staff and colleges. Our presents enable you to have full confidence that you’re in the safest of hands, with a wealth of experience and rigorous training, we supply the best to get you through the worst.

Telemedicine (Top Cover)
Contracts with clients will usually include “Top Cover” which is a telemedicine service to back up the expertise of the Medic in place. We don’t pretend that we have the set up to provide this ourselves but our colleagues at “The First Call”, provide the finest worldwide service of this nature, using the doctors at the International Centre for Emergency Medicine, based in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. Instant response, the best specialist advice. We know of none better than these.