In this section we intend to post some details of the more interesting kinds of case that we undertake. None are ever the same, they are truly worldwide and we learn a lesson from each one.

Stretcher Case from Seattle to Surabaya

MRI carries out complex medical repatriation from Seattle to Surabaya in Indonesia. A seafarer suffered a stroke leaving him in a “locked in” condition and needed to be repatriated to a hospital in Surabaya be closer to his family support. This was achieved on a stretcher from Seattle to Jakarta, with two of our very experienced in flight medical escorts, and then by air ambulance on to Surabaya. There are very few airlines flying to or from the USA who will provide a stretcher in a wide bodied jet but Taiwanese airline EVA Air rose to the occasion.

The patient’s needs were complicated, including supplementary oxygen and regular airway clearance by suction but after considerable planning and liaison with the airline the long journey of over 21 hours, including a transfer from one aircraft to another in Taipei, was achieved smoothly and without incident. A further transfer by ground ambulance to a different airfield for the air ambulance was successful in Jakarta and the patient was safely delivered to hospital and his welcoming family in Surabaya, the whole trip taking over a day to undertake.

Cost Saving. If this task had been carried out by air ambulance all the way, which was the only other alternative, it would have cost the client $130,000 more than the eventual bill.